Tensei-Data 1.13.2 Announcement

Tensei-Data 1.13.2 Announcement

Submitted by Jens Grassel on Wed, 05/24/2017 - 09:29

We just released version 1.13.2 of Tensei-Data.

Summary of Changes

Some bugfixes and enhancements regarding DFASDL validation from the editor were made. If you're using reserved sql names which might be mapped to table or column names in a database then a warning will be issued upon validation. Additionally downing of unreachable frontend nodes in the akka cluster will be performed by the server watchdog.

Remember that a free license is included in each release which allows the usage of one agent and up to three transformation configurations. For details see our license information page.

To try it out simply run vagrant init wegtam/tensei-demo; vagrant up --provider virtualbox.


  • warning if usage of reserved sql names for tables or columns is detected


  • better error messages for DFASDL validation
  • watchdog will remove unreachable frontend nodes from the cluster


  • DFASDL validation shows no error upon server error

Update demo version

To update the demo version you can use the following sequence of commands. Please export your cookbooks before doing this if you don't want to loose them.

vagrant box update
vagrant destroy
vagrant up