Tensei-Data 1.9.2 Announcement

Tensei-Data 1.9.2 Announcement

Submitted by Jens Grassel on Wed, 11/30/2016 - 09:12

We just released version 1.9.2 of Tensei-Data.

Summary of Changes

The last vagrant box contained some corrupted files. Therefore we re-packaged it and included some fixes as well.


  • log rotation for frontend logs


  • frontend logfile renamed from application.log to tensei-frontend.log


  • license expiration date not shown correctly
  • Internal Server Error if dfasdl schema (xsd) could not be loaded

Known Issues

If you experience an error message in the frontend when validating a DFASDL that complains about unknown "dfasdl-attributes-root" xml stuff then you are affected by an issue that we were unable to fully reproduce and solve. It might be triggered by a strange combination of vm and jvm startup stuff that messes up resource loading via classpath. The actual error message will most likely look like this:

To fix this issue the frontend service has to be restarted. Simply issue the following command from the terminal where you started the demo version:

vagrant ssh -c "sudo service tensei-frontend restart"

Update demo version

To update the demo version you can use the following sequence of commands. Please export your cookbooks before doing this if you don't want to loose them.

vagrant box update
vagrant destroy
vagrant up

Get your free trial version

You can try the Tensei-Data system for free. Just request a free trial version and receive a 14 days free license.