Search technology for all kinds of data

The Wegtam search technology integrates and connects various external and internal data sources for a comprehensive search. Regardless of the number of the data sources (one data base ↔ diverse data bases, indexed data ↔ not-indexed data), the Wegtam Search technology enables a configurable and adaptable search environment.

Simply use the Wegtam Search Technology, if you want to search over databases, documents (Word, PDF, etc.), web-content, content management systems, wiki's (e.g. MediaWiki) or enterprise products (e.g. Trac, SugarCRM).

Real-time search

The Wegtam search technology combines the best of traditional meta search engines with the newest technologies of today. The aggregation and integration of the data is performed in real-time and delivers the most suitable results.

Our combination of real-time search and background research allows immediate results and the possibility to integrate new content without delay.

Sorting by relevance and content

The search results can be sorted by relevance of the content or individual options of specific queries. The technology can be adapted to the specifics and contextual conditions of the searchable content.

Additionally, the presentation of the search results can be adapted and individualized.

Pre-selection and post-filtering

Preselection and postfiltering are two additional benefits that can positively influence the search.

Definable search profiles allow the preselection of data sources that are more relevant for the search request. The presented search results can be filtered by customizable facets (filter). These facets are adaptable onto the structure of the searchable data.

Additional features

Native integration or via REST API

The integration of the search backend can happen in different ways. A native integration via the provided visual representation of the search results or just the request of the search results via the provided REST API.

Modular infrastructure

The modular construction of the search technology allows simple scaling of the search environment.

Depending on the requirements and targets, the system can be scaled up or down.

Search profiles

Search profiles allow the aggregation of data sources for specific topics.

Imaginable profiles are: science, data, food, ...

Facets / Filter

Facets (filter) allow the refinement of search results depending on relevant terms.

The facets (filter) depend on the available data and can be adjusted or extended.

Advanced Search

Advanced search options allow a refinement of the query for a more specific request.

A more specific request leads to more accurate and topic relevant results.

Security / SSL

The system can be used with SSL on especially configured servers and environments.

LAM - Look-Ahead-Mode

The combination of meta search and new search technologies allows the display of already existing and new search results.

The Look-Ahead-Mode displays already available search results and allows the update with new results.

VM - Virtual Machine

The Wegtam search technology can be provided as VM (Virtual Machine) for a secure integration into existing and security relevant environments.

Layout / Design / CI

A Responsive design allows the usage of the system on different mobile and desktop devices.

The layout and some parts of the design can be customized (Corporate Identity).


The hosting of the Wegtam search technology can be performed as customer-specific solution.

Possible hosting solutions are: VM on own customer solution.


The Wegtam search technology can be integrated into existing systems and environments.

The modular development allows simple integration and adjustment.


Customization of the system or customer-specific requirements are possible.