This page covers all relevant information about Tensei-Data. Starting with the installation until your first running data integration.

Getting started

Tensei-Data is a system for data migration, integration and transformation. The structure of the data is described with DFASDLs (Data Format and Description Language). A migration process is specified in a cookbook that collects all mappings and transformations from the source to the target system. An agent executes a complete transformation configuration and can be started manually or automatically.


You can receive a Demo version of the Tensei-Data system or make a request for a business version. Get an overview about the actual licenses or send a request for a free trial version.


First you have to install the VM. A detailed description of the installation of the demo version is available in the following section.

Set up the frontend

After the installation, you must log into the frontend. First, install your license (User-Guide) in the license section. (Identical for Demo and business licenses)

Create your first running integration

The User-Guide describes the best approach to create your DFASDLs, cookbooks and transformations for your first migration process.

Demo-Guide - Installation of the demo version

This guide leads you through the installation process for the Tensei-Data Virtual Machine.

HTML: English | German

User-Guide - Use the system

This guide provides information about the frontend and explains a good approach for the creation of your data migrations.

HTML: English | German

Handbook - Requirements, installation and administration

The handbook describes in a more detailed way the requirements that are necessary to install and use the Tensei-Data system.

HTML: English | German

DFASDL-Cookbook - Use cases and best approaches

This guide explains diverse DFASDLs for multiple use cases and some best approaches.

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Alternatively, you can browse our Github repositories for available DFASDLs and cookbooks.

DFASDL Specification

The DFASDL specification explains the elements of the DFASDL and their usage.

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