The Tensei-Data system can comfortably be used via the intuitive frontend (Tensei Server GUI) in any browser. Administer and monitor your tasks from any workplace.


The dashboard provides an overview of the configured transformation configurations, the available agents, the created cronjobs and triggers. The progress of all automatically or manually executed transformation configurations are ongoing updated on the dashboard.


The Cookbook contains all information about the source and target systems as well as the mapping information. Moreover, additional transformations can be configured at the individual mappings.


The DFASDL (Data Format and Semantics Description Language) describes the structure and semantics of the source and target systems. The system can create the DFASDL automatically, but it is also possible to create the DFASDL manually with the built-in editor.


You can comfortably create Cornjobs by using the frontend. Cronjobs run at fixed dates and execute related transformation configurations.


Event-based actions can be sent to the system and thereby trigger a transformation configuration. That makes it possible to automate migration processes based on a specific event. Some examples of triggers are:

  • Uploading of a file in a FTP folder
  • Creation of a file in a local folder
  • Calling a monitored URL

Logging / Validation

Each executed transformation can be supervised and validated by a detailed logging.